I am a 37-year-old nature photographer and wilderness guide from Northern Finland. Originally from Southern Finland but I moved to Lapland couple years ago for wilderness guide studies and fell in love with the nature around here. My background is in economics but my passion has always been nature and the amazing beauty that Mother Nature can create. 

I started photographing nature and landscapes when I was an exchange student in Malaysia back in 2008. I travelled around Southeast Asia and found a passion for travelling and experiencing new cultures. At the time I had a pocket camera which I carried everywhere and with that the interest towards photography started to grow. Since then I have travelled around Asia, Africa, Europe, North and South America and photography has become the most important thing to guide me through the world. 

I specialize in night time landscapes and the night sky including northern lights and Milky Way has been my passion for many years now. I have been interested in space as long as I can remember and I used to read space related books and articles already in elementary school. There is something calm and relaxing about the stars and night sky that has always fascinated me. 

As a photographer I try to create a wow-effect with my pictures that makes the viewer stop for a second and take a look at the world around us. In todays hectic world we too often forget to slow down the pace and marvel all the beautiful things that surround us. In my work I use mainly single exposures but I also create composites if my artistic vision regarding the picture so requires.  

Night sky is something that’s almost invisible in many parts of the world with artificial neon lights and light pollution blocking the entire night sky so I’m happy if I can bring the magic of the night sky in front of people around the world. Join me on my northern light hunts and adventures around Lapland and book a tour through the website. Please feel free to contact me via email through the contact form at any time. 

Hope to see you soon, Mikko Ristamäki